Clarion enables engineering innovation, efficiency,security and services with blockchain technology.

Clarion has vast experience and deep knowledge  in blockchain technology development. Business can explore and deploy blockchain to help in reducing your transaction cost , boost operational efficiency, improve financial security ,strengthen trust and transparency and  bolster your asset security. Clarion serves as a technology partner and change enabler.

Public Blockchain

Public Blockchain allows everyone to become a part of this enterprise system ,enabling and  build trust and confidence without any operating limitation

Consortium Blockchain

Semi-centralized platform to enhance the trust by allowing a limited set of trusted nodes to execute a consensus protocol.

Private Blockchain

Private blockchain allows only necessary personnel to control and monitor operations but with full transparency

What we do

Our experts will review your business requirements including your infrastructure, to identify flaws and opportunities that blockchain technology can address. We will work with your team to prototype and test a custom solution that will  boost your operational efficiency and productivity – making iteration and tweeks, if and where needed.
Our team of experts will optimize your IT infra environment for smooth uptake of your customized blockchain technology ensuring  secure and glitch-free deployment.
Our UI/UX experts will work with your team to create a blockchain solution that works for your end-users. We will analyze your business requirements and share  with you an design-led solution that adds awesome customer experience, deriving value and meets your end customer needs.
Clarion team will plan for the smoothest  deployment process by conducting rigorous pre and post-launch QA. Where we spot any issues or potential risks, our team of experts will make adjustments that ensure the long-lasting success of your blockchain solution.

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