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Computer Vision Software Development Services

Our squad of computer vision engineers crafts bespoke software solutions for analyzing images and videos in both machine and computer vision ecosystems. We engineer multifaceted computer vision applications capable of facial analytics, instantaneous gesture and motion detection, as well as machine perception and image categorization.

Our team specializes in R&D services for crafting computer vision systems that distill, scrutinize, and interpret actionable insights from individual or sequential images. Leveraging robust libraries like OpenCV, we fine-tune established methodologies and design proprietary algorithms rooted in mathematical frameworks. In the realm of computer vision, we architect solutions that boast rapid processing capabilities without sacrificing performance. To bring these computer vision initiatives to life, we employ cutting-edge artificial intelligence methodologies, including deep learning and machine learning techniques.

  • Data Preparation

  • Model Design and Optimization

  • Application Development

  • System Integration

Computer Vision Tools and Frameworks

Libraries and Framework OpenCV , Keras , OpenVINO , NVIDIA cuDNN , NVIDIA CUDA , PyTorch , Tensorflow

Edge Platform Raspberry Pi , NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Cloud Platform AWS , Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud


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