What is a smart city?

A smart city is a municipality that makes use of information and technology to share information to the public and to improve the quality of government services to the citizens.

The mission of smart cities is to drive economic growth through improving the lifestyle of the citizens.

How it evolved

The concept of smart cities came about at a time when the world was facing a severe economic crisis. In 2008, IBM worked on the concept of ‘smart cities’ and by 2009 it had spread its wings in many countries across the world.

Components of smart cities

The four concepts of smart cities include the following:

  • Analytics: Putting information to work with the use of CCTV camera .
  • Transportation: Introducing smart transportation solutions
  • Health: creating a healthier community
  • Environment: Creating adaptable urban environments

Smart Cities CCTV camera powered by AI is the future of security and surveillance. It provides many essential functionalities that are critical for the security and surveillance of an entire geographical region.

Smart cities use the concept of monitoring the functionality of various systems within the city and also rate the security of the area.

In this article we take a deeper look at what CCTV cameras powered by AI are, their applications and pros and cons.

What is a CCTV camera powered by AI?

Smart cities CCTV cameras powered by AI are adjoined via a network of IP cameras that are able to deliver advanced analytical functions. Some of the basic functionalities of CCTV cameras powered by AI are their face detecting, person detecting, and people counting abilities, and traffic counting and license plate recognition.

How does it work?

CCTV cameras powered by AI work in a unique way. There are usually two methods in which CCTV cameras powered by AI work . Either these are recorded on premise using NVR and processed using AI on premise. The other method is by sending to a cloud like AWS for storage and processing using AI / Deep Learning.

CCTV cameras powered by AI in public areas

CCTV cameras powered by AI play a vital role in public areas. They provide the monitoring and surveillance required by the government sector and various other bodies who are concerned over the security and development of the area.

CCTV cameras powered by AI can provide object detection at public locations and public safety at residential areas.

Accuracy of CCTV cameras powered by AI

You may ask if CCTV cameras powered by AI are better than traditional CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras powered by AI are believed to be 99% accurate. The camera’s object detection feature can detect a range of objects including humans, faces, cars, and license plates with up to 99% accuracy. This is a very good accuracy rate in relation to the functionalities that it provides.

Functions of CCTV cameras powered by AI

There are so many functions of CCTV cameras powered by AI. A few of their primary functions include the following.

  • Face detection and recognition

CCTV cameras powered by AI can detect the faces of various people. These cameras have the ability to match the demographic information of individuals from different areas. They can not only detect human faces but can also identify different poses.

The CCTV cameras are fed large amounts of data for this to be possible. Landmark annotation is the feature that enables the camera to recognize faces through machine language.

  • Vehicle detection and license plate recognition

CCTV cameras powered by AI vehicle detection and license plate recognition systems allow you to get real-time information about vehicles in the area of scope of the camera. It then compares this information with custom lists that have been made with vehicle details.

The camera captures the video of a vehicle’s license plate and the system runs the image through video analytic technologies for further identification.

  • People counting

People counting and flow control management using CCTV cameras powered by AI follows a simple procedure. The system is fed a threshold value and the camera counts each face/person it detects in the scope area. Once the people count reaches the threshold value the system gives a warning message ‘the limit is reached’ on the digital signage. People counting systems are implemented in supermarkets, banks, shops, pharmacies, offices, and public transport systems.

  • Video searching using AI

CCTV cameras powered by AI enable video searching a simple process through video analytics feature. A video search only takes a few moments in a CCTV camera powered by AI. Through the video search facility, you can search videos files fast and accurately, which are required for object recognition.

Ultracam.ai provides all of the above features of CCTV cameras powered by AU. Ultracam provides reliable streaming solutions with the use of advanced technology powered by AI, in its products that include surveillance cameras.

Ultracam CCTV cameras powered by AI help you to quickly search video files to identify objects with reduced false positives. They automatically process data based on deep learning AI methodologies that helps detect and identify the following:

  • People
  • Emotions
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Accidents
  • Fights
  • Firearms
  • Weather
  • ALPR
  • Colors

Benefits of using CCTV cameras powered by AI

There are a lot of benefits of using CCTV cameras powered by AI in smart cities solutions.

  • They provide 24/7 surveillance   

These cameras are switched on 24/7 and capture and detect all movements happening in its coverage range. This enables easy detection of thieves and intruders lurking around and any unusual activity happening in the area.

  • They provide improved precision

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, CCTV cameras powered by AI are controlled through technological systems. Therefore, there is very little room for errors to occur. CCTV cameras powered by AI are said to have 99% accuracy. They can easily identify unusual activities and trigger an alarm.

  • They have smart object detection facilities

CCTV cameras powered by AI are driven through innovative neural networks that take into consideration all of the errors before reporting an accident. Therefore, this significantly reduces the rate of false alarms. It can be used to easily detect visible and concealed firearms and weapons through integration of hardware infrastructure.

  • They have powerful intrusion detection systems

An intrusion detection system is crucial for any individual or organization. It’s effective if the detection response time is faster and there is a very minimal number of false positives that is negligible. Tradition motion detection cameras are unintelligent devices that will warn against anything that moves including an animal or a shadow change. However, AI systems are intelligent devices that will only detect intrusions and won’t create false positives.

  • They have a proactive loss prevention mechanism

AI cameras are designed for the use of retailers and can help detect suspicious behavior which includes activities such as shoplifting. It provides heat maps for smart consumer behavior analytics and also allows retailers to get an insight into product demand and estimate the effectiveness of business performance.

  • They provide object recognition

Object recognition is one of the main features of CCTV cameras powered by AI.  It makes use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms to detect and identify objects including humans. AI cameras win over ordinary security cameras in this situation due to their negligible false positives.

  • They allow for quick data extraction

CCTV cameras powered by AI record everything in real-time and allow people to search for a certain action or object much faster than a human operator. This quick data extraction feature allows CCTV cameras powered by AI to be more efficient in security and surveillance more than traditional CCTV cameras.


AI CCTV cameras are one of the best solutions to implement in modern day operations and organizations. Smart Cities CCTV cameras powered by AI are accurate and can provide real-time data with negligible false positives. These are the main reasons for the popularity of AI surveillance systems in many applications of modern times.

Smart cities have come a long distance since its inception. From buildings using AI and sensors to monitor and adjust lighting and temperature, the concept has reached entire urban areas to detect the movement of vehicles and people that can help detect suspicious activity.

CCTV cameras powered by AI have an edge over traditional CCTV cameras due to their accuracy level and object recognition abilities with a significantly low rate of false alarms.

Ultracam provides CCTV solutions powered by AI that significantly adds value to smart cities. It makes use of deep learning to provide accuracy in object recognition.

Get in touch with the Ultracam sales team at hello@clarion.ai for more information on CCTV cameras powered by AI and how it can help you.